#1 Red Fish Fishing Charter in Nags Head

Experience the ultimate red fish fishing adventure with #1 Red Fish Fishing Charter in Nags Head

What to expect on your Red Fish Fishing Trip in Nags Head

So you’re interested in booking a trip with #1 Red Fish Fishing Charter in Nags Head? Well, you’re in for a treat!

Our captain is the best of the best and knows all the secret spots for catching those giant red fish. And don’t worry about bringing your own gear, we’ve got everything you need on the boat.

Now, if you’re new to fishing, no problem – our captain will give you the rundown and make sure you’re comfortable before we set sail. Trust me, you’ll be a natural in no time.

Just make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat, cause it can get pretty hot out on the water. And don’t forget to pack some snacks and drinks to keep your energy up, cause you’ll be hooked (pun intended) on the excitement of the catch. Oh, and one more thing – keep an eye out for dolphins, they love swimming alongside the boat!

So, are you ready to hit the water and catch some red fish with the best in the business? Let’s do this!

What are Red drum

Red Drum typically have a distinctive coppery coloration, large scales, a diagnostic black tail spot, or in some cases spots in many variations. Red drum, also called red fish, puppy drum for the smaller ones, and Bull reds for the giant ones.

While found in the Atlantic from Long Island NY, all down the east coast all around Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico, red drum are primarily a southern fishery with many great fishing location options. Nags Head, NC being one of those world class locations. Caught by still fishing, drifting and casting, they are a favorite sight-fishing target for shallow water light-tackle fisherman. They’ll hit almost any natural bait and a full range of lures from top waters to soft swim baits.

Most reds are under 15 pounds, however are commonly caught to 30 pounds and can reach in rare cases nearly 100 pounds. North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana hold consistent large populations within the inshore waters as well as in passes and channels leading to the ocean.

time of year to catch Red drum In Nags Head

Red drum are swimming in North Carolina waters year-round, but the best inshore fishing bite begins in late May and continues through fall into late October. With the explosive top-water bite peaking in June-July.

how to catch red drum in Nags Head, NC

Popping Cork

An easy setup to work, anglers use a sliding cork with rattles, a weight, and a hook to angle the middle of the water column. When baited with plastics or natural bait, this rig is simple to use and requires a minimal amount of skill from the angler.


Probably the most interactive rig for Red drum, topwater these lures also can bring in the larger Reds. Excellent for working shorelines and grass beds, topwaters are one of the most enjoyable Red-fishing experiences.

Soft Plastic Lures 

Soft plastic lures usually come with a body that has an integrated hook and can have weight attached, similar to a jig head or be fished weightless on a “wide gap hook”. This design is easier to cast and keeps the bait moving at a realistic way in the water during retrieval. This also allows the lure to be more weedless in grassy situations. Lures like flukes or stick baits can be very productive.

Plastic Shrimp

Great for working beneath a popping cork, plastic shrimp are often scented and closely resemble real shrimp. Gulp shrimp are a good place to start.

Jig Heads

Jig heads are excellent for angling around structures or over grass flats. Added small swim baits with a paddle tail can produce many bites all year.

Hard Bait Trout Lures

Lures are the more proactive approach when angling for Red fish. Baits like…

  • Casting Spoon
  • Rapala Skitter walk
  • Slayer Inc Swim bait
  • Mirror lure Twitch bait
  • Bomber Long A

Are are great places to start off with to get some Red drum bites!

Legal Size & Bag limit of Red Drum in North carolina

STATE COASTAL WATERS ARE (Internal and 0-3 miles out)

In the state of North Carolina, you may harvest 1 Red drum per day (per person). These drum must meet a slot size limit of 18”- 27″ to the line to be legal keeping size.

Local regulations can be found by Clicking Here as well.


Red Drum are some of the most fun fish to catch along the southern coastlines of the United States. You’ll find them in good numbers from the Carolinas to South Texas and on into Mexico.


So whether you call them Red drum, red fish, or something else, these fish are delicious, hard-fighting, and plentiful.

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