#1 Cobia Fishing Charter in Nags Head, NC

Join us for the ultimate cobia fishing adventure in Nags Head, NC with the #1 Cobia Fishing Charter!

What to expect on a outer banks cobia fishing trip

Hey there! So you’re wondering what to expect on a cobia fishing charter in Nags Head, NC? Well, first off, you can expect to have a blast!

Our captain is top-notch and knows all the best spots for reeling in those giant cobia. Plus, we provide all the gear you’ll need, so all you gotta do is show up and cast your line.

Now, you might be thinking, “But what if I’ve never been fishing before?” Don’t sweat it, our captain will give you the rundown and make sure you’re comfortable before we head out. Trust me, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Just make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat, cause it can get pretty hot out on the water. And don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks to keep your energy up, cause you’ll be hooked (pun intended) on the excitement of the catch.

Oh, and one more thing – don’t be surprised if you see some dolphins swimming alongside the boat, they love hanging out in these waters! Alright, I think that covers it. So, are you ready to set sail and catch some cobia? Let’s do this!

What are Cobia

Cobia are one of the largest inshore fish species the U.S. coast has to offer. The average size of a Cobia is about 30 pounds and can grow to over 100 pounds! A Trophy Size Cobia is 50 inches typically around 55 pounds.They are long and sleek, with a depressed head and short dorsal fin. Sometimes people will mistake them as sharks, however these fish have no teeth. During the winter and cooler months they will move south down the coast or offshore to warmer waters. When the temperatures warm up, they move closer to shore and for the warmth of the shallow waters and different feeding opportunities.

time of year to catch Cobia In Nags Head

In Nags Head, North Carolina, wait until April or May. Cobia will start moving into the shallows at this point in time. Understanding these migration patterns will increase your success rate. Cobia are bottom dwellers and are known for eating whatever comes their way, including smaller baitfish, squid, eel, and crab. They can be found in waters as shallow as 3 feet, or as much as 20 feet deep.

how to catch Cobia in Nags Head, NC

If cobia are in shallow water, you should be able to sight fish for them. This is what makes fishing for cobia in the spring and summer months so exciting. You can see them looking for food. Cobia can be caught on a wide variety of lures. Topwater plugs, suspending and diving crankbaits, and imitation eel lures all catch fish. But the cobia jig is a hard one to beat. It is a large bucktail jig weighing 4 to 8 oz typically and can be just about any color you can imagine. Pink, red, white, and yellow and combinations of those colors are common patterns and they work.

Soft Plastic Lures 

Soft plastic lures usually come with a body that has an integrated hook and can have weight attached, similar to a jig head or be fished weightless on a “wide gap hook”. This design is easier to cast and keeps the bait moving at a realistic way in the water during retrieval. This also allows the lure to be more weedless in grassy situations. Lures like flukes or stick baits can be very productive.

Jig Heads/Hair Jigs

Jig heads are excellent for angling around structures or over grass flats. Added small swim baits with a paddle tail can produce many bites all year.

Legal Size & Bag limit of Cobia in North carolina

STATE COASTAL WATERS ARE (Internal and 0-3 miles out)

In the state of North Carolina, currently The season for the recreational harvest of Cobia will be May 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022. It is unlawful to possess cobia outside of this season.

It is unlawful to possess for a recreational purpose cobia less than 36 inches fork length.
It is unlawful to possess for a recreational purpose more than one (1) cobia per person per day
Vessels for hire From May 1 – December 31, it is unlawful to possess more than four (4) cobia per vessel per day or one (1) cobia per person per day, if fewer than four (4) people are on board.
Private Vessels from May 1 – June 30, it is unlawful to possess more than two (2) cobia per vessel per day or one (1) cobia per person per day, if there is only one person on board.

From July 1 – December 31, it is unlawful to possess more than one (1) cobia per vessel per day.

Local regulations can be found by Clicking Here as well.


Cobia, are some of the most fun inshore fish to catch in America! You’ll find them in good numbers from the Carolinas to South Texas and on into the Gulf of Mexico.


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